The Heavensdaily web-site is Dedicated to My Loving Mom "Pat Finley" and in Memory of my Dad "Lundy Finley" and his labor of Love in serving the Lord.--Georges--/Pop-and-Mom.gif Mom is still with us; however Dad went to be with the Lord Feb/17/2005.  The messages found on this page are messages Dad preached for a radio broadcast in Marion Virginia, the last 2 years he lived on this earth, He named the broadcast "What is Truth."   Though Dad is gone his work and the "Word" Continues to reach out, many of the prayer request and dedication's for folks in these messages are also gone to be with the Lord.   Time changes but the Word never changes.   "May God Richly Bless."


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Throne of Grace Mercy Seat.

If Children of Abraham do works or Abarham.


John 3:16

Glorify God

Heavenly Rest


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Salvation by Grace
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John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: